A few years ago New Balance introduced the CRT300 as an improvement on their classic CT300 model. Because of its updated features and look, the CRT300 can adapt to any lifestyle, dreamt or real. To illustrate the shoe’s versatility and ease in any situation, New Balance Korea teamed up with creative force Malco&Sons on their latest editorial in which they take us on one man’s surreal journey into his psyche.
Korean actor Seung-Bum Ryoo, the editorial’s star and executive producer, wanders in a desert of volcanic ash searching for a path that is both liberated and faithful to his spirit. He is laid bare in the desolation that surrounds him. Here he struggles against nature, both internal and external, until he reaches a peak and the symbolic endpoint of his mental odyssey.
Ryoo navigates his personal arc with, of course, his New Balance CRT300s in tow. The shoes feature a REVlite sole that allows for unrestrained movement. The lightweight technology’s ability to provide kinetic freedom was the basis of the editorial’s concept.

Client : New Balance
Executive Producer : Ryoo seung bum.
Producer : Anthony Dodds
Director : Malco Kim
Art Director : Jin Kim
Writer : Samantha Adams
Photographer : Anthony Dodds
Director of photography : Andre Fauzi
Director of photography and Aerial : Errol Vaes
Retouching : Samantha Hawken
Editing & Grading Company : RainbowBridge Film, Bangkok Thailand
Executive producer : Kimi Kim
Editor and colourist : Aaron Fuks
Online & Sound mix Company : Time Lapse, Bangkok Thailand
Producer : Sangkom Sangsorn (Ment)
Online Artist : Theerayut Dachsuwan (Ohm)
Sound Engineer : Teerapong Sidakul (Num)

Music : Rachel Chung
Sungbae Kim, Producer
Recorded in Studio Jeeb (Georgia, USA)
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